Aurum’s “Dizelny Zavod” paid more than UAH 26 million in taxes for the first three quarters of operation in 2022

This figure is twice as large compared to the same period in 2021

According to the company, “Dizelny Zavod”, which is part of the multidisciplinary industrial and investment group Aurum and is among the top five manufacturers of railway freight wagons in Ukraine, based on the results of work in the first three quarters of the war year of 2022, compared to the same period in 2021 year, has significantly increased the amount of taxes paid to the country’s budget:

Taxes and deductions for the first three quarters of 2022 at the “Dizelny Zavod” increased by 2.3 times (+130%). That is, this figure has amounted to almost UAH 26.5 million,

said Andrii Zharii, CEO of Aurum Group.

While assessing the results of work in 2022, business owner Alona Lebedieva noted the increase in the number of employees at the plant:

In 2022 there were 100 more people employed than in 2021. This is an important indicator for us. We continue paying salaries to all employees without any delay.

As it was previously reported, according to the results of work in 2022, Aurum Group’s “Dizelny Zavod” increased production volumes by 2.5 times and built 49 semi-trailers. The plant also performed 700 repairs.

“Dizelny Zavod” LLC, which is part of a multidisciplinary industrial and investment group, is located in the Dnipropetrovsk region and is one of the few enterprises in Ukraine that provides a full cycle of rolling stock repair.

Up to 2,000 semi-wagons can be repaired annually at Aurum Group plant facilities.

Also, the owner of Aurum Group, Alona Lebedieva, previously announced that the wagon repair enterprise “Agregatbud” is to be relocated from the combat zone to Western Ukraine, investments in the region should amount to about UAH 40 million.