Alona Lebedieva

Beneficial owner of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary industrial and investment group Aurum Owner of the charitable foundation “Aurum” (Ukraine) Owner of the non-profit organization “Aurum Charity Foundation” (office in Brussels)

Today, corporate raiding in the country is taking up a new tool from a toolbox. In the conditions of war, we have come to the stage where, if you like someone’s business and want to take over it, you can use some great mechanisms, like open criminal proceedings or impose sanctions.

Almost a year ago, a criminal case was opened against me. An undisguised case of lawlessness. It was alleged, absolutely baselessly, that I was supporting the aggressor country through the supply of civilian pump products by one of the Group’s factories back in 2018!!!

They let all the dogs out, they wanted me exiled, they wanted to make me a traitor to the Motherland. I had to defend not only my own reputation, but also the right to ensure that the businesses that feed thousands of families during the country’s most difficult time can continue to operate without interruption, and support the workers and the economy of the country.

And now, when the criminal case is actually falling apart, there come sanctions against me.

! And I want you to keep in mind that the reason for imposing sanctions against a citizen of the country is the proven fact of their terrorist activity. That is, now they are going to accuse me of terrorism as well, or what? It just doesn’t make any sense, it’s beyond real…

I have always had a pro-Ukrainian position. I do not have dual citizenship. I love Ukraine, I am a patriot. Someone will reproach me with family ties. But starting from 2007, I’ve been conducting activities completely independently.

Moreover, I never supported the aggressor-country. Since 2014, when the country continued to expand export relations with the russian federation, Aurum Group enterprises, which had historical export relations with the aggressor country due to the closeness of the borders, kept reducing product deliveries to russia and went to look for new European sales markets. In the period of 2018-2020, we opposed the mass import of decommissioned freight wagons from russia, and since the beginning of the war, we’ve been engaged in the development of technologies and productions that would allow us to replace russian goods on the Ukrainian market. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, I have been helping the Armed Forces and the population in every possible way. Despite the fact that part of the enterprises actually stopped their own activities, and the costs currently do not cover the profits, the Aurum Group continues to loyally pay taxes to the budget, pay salaries to all the employees; according to the results of work in 2022, my Charitable Fund sent more than 6.5 million hryvnias to help the Armed Forces.

And when you actually don’t see any plausible justification of WHY criminal proceedings are being opened against you, or why you are included in the sanctions list, the only reasonable explanation that comes to mind is that someone, having liked your business, wants to take advantage of the situation in the country and raid it. Who is it? Business partners or perhaps industry partners? Unfortunately, it’s hard to say. But someone, through clerks in the corridors of power, has misled the top leadership of the country, misled the president, and put a document with my name on it, for approval.

I have no doubt, I will be able to protect my own reputation either with the help of Ukrainian justice or, if circumstances dictate, I will turn to European justice, because I know that the truth is on my side.

But today I’m turning to our law enforcement agencies, I’m turning with a demand to see into my being unjustifiably included in the sanctions lists! I demand that all the persons involved in this case be identified and punished! I demand to reveal these dirty cops, for whom we pay our taxes, but they actually work for their own enrichment! I demand to stop the raiders’ audacious hunt for my business, a business that feeds thousands of families and supports the country’s economy!

I call on the entire business community, federations and just people who know how to think and analyze, to unite and fight against this arbitrariness! Fight for our strong and independent Ukraine and for the future of our children!

If we don’t stop this now, YOU will be next!

The key areas of Aurum Group activities include machine engineering, railroad freight services, industrial pump production, industrial design and engineering, chemical industry, real estate development, agricultural sector



Companies of the Group employed over 1500 people, paid over 50 million UAH of taxes and fees to the State and local budgets of various levels


“Dizelny Zavod”, which is part of the multidisciplinary industrial and investment group Aurum and is among the top five manufacturers of railway freight wagons in Ukraine, was founded


The publishing direction of Aurum Group is represented by the tabloid Woman

2005 - 2014

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The Ukrainian multidisciplinary industrial and investment group Aurum was formed

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