France Chooses the Left: The Country’s New Political Course – Alona Lebedieva

The victory of the left-wing forces in the parliamentary elections in France has become a true sensation and has significant implications for the country’s domestic policy and its international influence. Following the results of the second round, the “New People’s Front” party leads, followed by President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition “Together!” and the far-right “National Rally” in third place.

In total, the French parliament has 577 seats. The ‘New People’s Front’ has secured 182 seats, the ‘Together!’ coalition will hold 168 seats, and the ‘National Rally’ has 143. The remaining seats are distributed among candidates not from the major coalitions, including individual representatives of both right-wing and left-wing forces,” says Alona Lebedieva, owner of the Ukrainian multi-sectoral industrial-investment group of companies “Aurum Group.”

These results could change the political landscape of France.

Domestic Implications

The victory of the left reflects growing dissatisfaction among the population with current policies and the economic situation. Voters have clearly expressed their desire for change, which could lead to a review of social and economic policies. Specifically, the new government, if formed, is expected to focus more on social justice issues, workers’ rights protection, and environmental initiatives.

International Implications

The change in France’s political course could significantly impact its relations with other European countries and the world. Left-wing forces traditionally support a more pro-European and anti-American policy, which could lead to shifts in the country’s foreign policy priorities. This may include strengthening cooperation with other European countries and reassessing relations with the US and NATO.

According to Alona Lebedieva, these changes reflect society’s desire for greater social justice and environmental reforms, which is a positive step for sustainable development. At the same time, a possible reorientation of France’s foreign policy towards a more pro-European stance and criticism of American influences could alter the balance of power in Europe and affect relations with key partners such as the US and NATO.


The victory of the left-wing forces in France could signal to other European countries the need to review their internal policies. It may also inspire other left-wing parties in Europe to intensify their activities and fight for power.

The results of the parliamentary elections in France have left the country in a state of political uncertainty. However, for Ukraine, this brings some positive aspects, as support from France will remain at a high level. In the near future, France’s foreign policy towards Ukraine will not undergo significant changes, allowing for continued cooperation and necessary assistance in the conditions of war,” concluded Alona Lebedieva.