The amount of capital investment in the Aurum Group’s “Svesky Pump Plant” over 5 years amounted to 20.6 million hryvnias

The company is developing new types of products to meet the demands of the European consumer

“Svesky Pumping Plant”, a city-forming enterprise (Svesa village of Sumy region), is one of the oldest pumping plants in Ukraine and part of the Ukrainian industrial and investment group Aurum. Due to the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine it almost stopped operations, however, thanks to additional funding from the Group it continues to work, develops new types of products and supports the local population.

Starting from 2014, we have been gradually changing the product line with the European consumer in mind. In general, 20.6 million hryvnias were invested in the plant over the past 5 years. We modernized our furnace facilities, installed a Turkish induction furnace, installed modern English equipment,

commented Yevhen Knysh, deputy general director of production

With the beginning of the war, the plant was on the verge of a complete shutdown, but thanks to the support of the Group and additional financing, we continue to work, pay salaries, support the local population of Svesa and pay taxes in full. Today, we can produce not only pumps, but also certain types of casting, which will be in demand particularly in the railway industry.

As it was previously reported, in 2022 Aurum Group’s “Svesky Pumping Plant” paid taxes in full, more than UAH 8 million, and continues to pay salaries to the plant’s employees, despite the fact that production volumes currently do not cover these costs.

The company survived two world wars and did not stop its activities for more than 150 years.