The trade union committee called to put an end to the pressure on Aurum Group

The trade union committee “Mashmetal” of the “Svesky Pumping Plant” called for an end to the groundless and legally unfounded pressure applied by the power structures to the group of companies “Aurum Group” and the business shareholder Alona Lebedieva. As a result, the country will lose the business that feeds thousands of Ukrainian families, warns the letter appealing to justice, which was published on the company’s official website: “We, as people who had the opportunity to observe all the processes from the inside, claim that the case against Alona Lebedieva is baseless and legally unfounded. Throughout the entire investigation no convincing evidence was provided to confirm the connection with any enterprises of the defense-industrial complex of the aggressor country. On the contrary, Alona Lebedieva has been conscientiously developing Ukrainian entrepreneurship and the potential of existing industrial capacities, which the investigators could have easily discovered had they had the desire to interview the company’s employees.

The appropriate letters of appeal were sent by the trade union committee “Mashmetal” and collectives of employees of the Aurum Group’s enterprises, in particular, to the President of Ukraine, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, the secretary of the NSDC, and the business ombudsman.

Also, as noted in one of the letters of appeal from the collectives, during the last 6 years, the group of companies “Aurum Group” has been implementing technologies and productions that were aimed to enable replacing russian goods on the Ukrainian market: “It is upon the initiative of Alona Lebedieva, that in 2017-2023 there were numerous meetings held at the highest level, press conferences conducted, dozens of letters were sent to the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, draft regulations were developed – all with the aim of reducing the negative influence of the russian federation on the strategic sphere of railway transportation in Ukraine. One can find information about all this published on the Internet in dozens of mass media.”

Let us remind you that on May 12, 2023, by decree of the President of Ukraine, the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine dated May 12, 2023 “On the application and introduction of changes to personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)” came into force. Due to the request of the Security Service of Ukraine, Alona Pavlivna Lebedieva was included into the list of persons subject to the sanctions.

The company called the decision politically biased, and urged to objectively approach the analysis of the situation in order to restore justice and take to court all those involved in illegal actions: “In initiating a criminal case against Alona Lebedieva and adding her to the sanction list one can see a desire of unknown people to take over the business, taking advantage of the situation in the country and misleading its top management.