The Lebedieva’s Charitable Fund has sent about UAH 10 million to help Ukrainians over the entire period of operation

The Aurum Charity Fund, founded by Alona Lebedieva, the owner of the industrial and investment group of companies “Aurum Group”, spent about 10 million hryvnias on various projects to help Ukrainians, in particular, for the armed forces of Ukraine and children.

This story is about how help for one child’s treatment in 2017 turned into systemic help for Ukrainians. Today, our team implements many important and ambitious projects. And we are truly satisfied with what is being done for Ukraine and Ukrainians, – shared the founder of the Charitable Fund Alona Lebedieva.

Life presents us with many challenges, but we must always remain true to our own values, – said Alona Lebedieva, – For me, personally, children are the most precious thing in life. Therefore, from the very beginning, the foundation has been concerned about providing better medicine for our children. And despite the war and the high concentration of the foundation team on helping the Armed Forces, we continue to implement and support existing projects to help children. In total, over 5 years of work, the Foundation has sent about 10 million hryvnias to various aid objects.”

As it was mentioned earlier, among the projects implemented by the Aurum Charitable Foundation in 2023, in particular, it is possible to highlight: transfer of two pickup trucks, a quad bike and a truck for the Armed Forces, production and transfer of plate carriers and armored vests with plates to military units, humanitarian aid to residents of Kharkiv region, in particular, for the residents from the Dvorichan district (Kharkiv region), that was evacuated, the purchase of equipment for the first Children’s Sleep Laboratory in Ukraine at the base of the Okhmatdyt State Medical Center, and humanitarian aid to residents of Southern Ukraine who suffered from flooding.

As of July 2023, the Fund has transferred a total of 12 vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces.

Also, the owner of Aurum Group, Alona Lebedieva, recently founded a charity fund in Brussels, which helps Ukrainian children who suffered from the war and need rehabilitation in European clinics. According to Alona Lebedieva, in order to identify the children who need treatment and rehabilitation support, the team of “Aurum Charity Foundation” cooperates with providers of medical services in Kyiv and regions near the areas of hostilities. Currently, Fund has focused on the rehabilitation of children with various shrapnel injuries.