Greece’s participation in new US-India transport initiative will jeopardize Erdogan’s “logistics superpower” project – Alona Lebedieva

The flow of cargo may bypass Turkey and jeopardize Erdogan’s “logistics superpower” project with Greece’s participation in the strategic initiative “India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor”. This opinion was expressed by Alona Lebedieva, the owner of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary industrial and investment group of companies Aurum Group.

The emergence of a new corridor could have serious regional implications for political and economic leadership in the Eastern Mediterranean, in particular in the field of energy routes and continental shelf issues, if the flow of goods from east to west moves through Turkey, noted Alona Lebedieva, – At the same time, Greece’s participation in the project may put Erdogan’s idea of ​​building a “logistics superpower” in jeopardy. And this is quite possible, especially in the conditions of the rivalry that continues in the Eastern Mediterranean, when Turkey was not included in the plan of the route that passes through Greece and Italy”.

She also emphasized: “In front of our eyes, deep transformational processes are taking place in the American system of the world order, and therefore everyone should be ready for any of the scenarios that are playing out in the geopolitical field.

As Alona Lebedieva noted the day before, the construction of a transport corridor between India and Europe will create strong competition for China and open wide opportunities for India in a geo-economic sense.

She also noted that there is another “alarm signal” for the Chinese project: “China is trying to destroy some geopolitical and geoeconomic projects in the region from a dead point. However, Italy’s announcement that the country does not continue to participate in the project “One Belt is the one road” initiative is another serious blow to the Chinese project”.

It will be recalled that the new strategic initiative of the USA, the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and India “The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor” was announced by US President Joe Biden at the G20 Summit in early September in New Delhi. The initiative envisages investments in sea and railway transportation, which will promote the development of trade and stimulate the supply of energy resources. The project is similar to “One belt is one road” initiative, but differs from it in that it includes the transportation of energy, data and environmentally friendly resources.