Alona Lebedieva: The results of the elections in Poland look optimistic for Ukraine

Alona Lebedieva, an economic expert and the owner of the Ukrainian industrial and investment group of companies Aurum Group, predicts an increase in political tension in Poland due to the change of levers in the country. At the same time, the results of the elections held in Poland last weekend, on October 15, 2023, will have a positive impact on relations with Ukraine in the future, Lebedieva is sure.

Regardless of the primacy that the ruling party received as a result of the elections, it is possible to predict a change in the political levers in the country, although it will not be felt so quickly,” noted economic expert Alona Lebedieva, “The bloc of parties around Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform ended up in second place . That is to say, however, that the Civic Coalition (30.70%), “Third Way” (14.40%) and “New Left” (8.61%) gained enough support to form a coalition and a new government. The survey predicts about 250 mandates for them in the Diet, and for the majority, I know, 231 votes are enough. Therefore, the current ruling party “Law and Justice” became only a formal winner of the elections.

Continuing her opinion, the owner of Aurum Group noted: “Poland will remain without a new government for some time, and after its formation, we can predict a fairly strong confrontation between the ruling party and the coalition, and a certain confrontation within the coalition itself, due to the diversity of views of the parties that will be part of it. However, every country goes through certain trials, choosing a better future for its citizens, – noted Alona Lebedieva, – I think that when all the political quarrels in Poland will eventually subside, both the European and Ukrainian communities will feel positive changes, balance in the development of mutual relations. Therefore, I estimate that the results of the elections in Poland look optimistic for Ukraine as a whole, but we should not count on tangible changes right away.

We will remind, the day before Alona Lebedieva welcomed the results of the elections in Slovakia and expressed her hope for a “balanced coalition in the government”, noting: “The government of Slovakia supported us from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia. Ukrainians are very grateful for active help with weapons and military equipment. It is worth noting that Slovakia is also an important logistical corridor for the supply of Western aid in general.

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