Alona Lebedieva: the decision on 50 billion euros for Ukraine reflects European unity

EU leaders have decided to allocate 50 billion euros to Ukraine over the next four years. With this decision, Europeans have once again demonstrated their strength, unity and ability to convince even difficult political figures. This is especially impressive against the background of large-scale social protests that are currently spreading across Europe“, says the owner Alona Lebedieva of the Ukrainian multi-industry industrial and investment group of companies “Aurum Group”.

She emphasized, “Ukraine is already part of the European family, where mutual assistance is provided. It is crucial for us to maintain this trust and support. It is essential to understand that these resources are not given without reason; they expect us to implement more effective reforms, combat corruption, and ensure no pressure on domestic businesses from law enforcement agencies“.

The funds allocated by Europe should ensure macrofinancial stability, support Ukraine’s recovery and modernization, rather than the construction of officials’ cottages or the purchase of new foreign cars. This will be closely monitored. Control over the use of international assistance, both from Europe and other countries, should be a priority for Ukraine. We cannot afford to lose the trust of the international community“, Alona Lebedieva believes.

If we truly want a free democratic future for our state as a full member of the EU, we must understand that we are all responsible for making our country a strong, European nation where all citizens have a dignified life“, Lebedieva concluded.

The first tranche of financial aid is expected to be received by the Ukrainian government in March of this year.

We will remind: earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke against the allocation of funds. He also stated that Ukraine should not receive large sums from the EU, as it is not part of the bloc.