Alona Lebedieva: I have ambitious goals and new directions of cooperation with the members of the European Parliament

During the plenary session of the European Parliament on February 28, I worked in Strasbourg and held a number of meetings with members of the European Parliament (EP). The discussion focused on further cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union, mutual intentions and joint steps were outlined. As the owner of the Ukrainian diversified industrial and investment group Aurum Group Alona Lebedieva explained, communication took place both at official meetings and in the “off the record” format.

We agreed to work together to improve legislation and support our path towards EU membership. We discussed strategies for maximizing the adaptation of business processes between Ukraine and EU countries to facilitate effective economic cooperation. We covered issues related to business pressure, tax legislation, and other challenging aspects that need to be addressed to improve the business situation in Ukraine,” continued Lebedieva.

Additionally, participants in the meetings thoroughly examined prospective directions for foreign investments in Ukraine and the development of business cooperation with European partners.

It is also important that we have support in matters of receiving reparations from the aggressor. So we also touched on these topics and agreed to work on a compensation strategy from the Russian Federation to support the economy and social development of Ukraine. And the most important thing is that all my interlocutors are determined to make maximum efforts to return the abducted children and to find common solutions for an effective solution to this problem,” concluded Alona Lebedieva.

There are still several issues and projects awaiting implementation aimed at the development of Ukraine-EU relations, which will be presented later. For now, the most important thing is to believe in Ukraine, act and speak.

We will remind: the European Parliament adopted a resolution emphasizing the need for unwavering support of Ukraine from the EU after two years of full-scale war. The resolution called on all our country’s allies in NATO and the EU to provide the necessary military assistance and emphasized the need for investments in Europe’s defense and industrial base.