Political Influence of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Europe – Alona Lebedieva

In the conditions of the ongoing war with Russia, the Ukrainian diaspora in Europe plays an important role in the formation of international political support for Ukraine. By organizing various events, lobbying interests in political circles, activating public activities, the diaspora influences the European policy of supporting Ukraine.

Lobbying Ukrainian

Interests Ukrainian organizations, such as the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), systematically work with European governments. They organize meetings with politicians to increase aid to Ukraine, strengthen sanctions against Russia, and support initiatives that protect the rights of Ukrainians abroad.

Undoubtedly, the Ukrainian diaspora in Europe makes a huge contribution to lobbying for the interests of Ukraine. Its activities contribute to the adoption of important decisions that support our state in this difficult time. The diaspora takes an active part in the organization of charity events. These activities include fundraising for medical equipment and other humanitarian needs, as well as campaigns to raise awareness of the situation in Ukraine among the international community,” says Alona Lebedieva, owner of the Ukrainian Multidisciplinary Industrial and Investment Group of Companies. Aurum Group”.

Supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians

As a result of the diaspora’s activities, additional sanctions against Russia have been implemented, and significant military and economic support has been provided to Ukraine. Lobbying efforts have helped develop legislative initiatives that strengthen bilateral relations between Ukraine and European countries. Ukrainian organizations provide legal and social support to Ukrainian migrants, ensuring their effective integration into the societies of host countries. They also assist newcomers in adapting through educational programs and consulting services.

What Needs to Be Done

Although the Ukrainian diaspora in Europe already makes a significant contribution to supporting Ukraine on the international stage, there are several areas where their activities can be strengthened, believes Alona Lebedieva:

  1. Efforts to increase awareness among the European population about the real situation in Ukraine, Russia’s aggression, and its consequences need to be intensified. This can be done through large-scale information campaigns, webinars, and public events that draw attention to Ukraine.
  2. Cultural events that showcase Ukrainian history, art, and traditions can foster better understanding and empathy for Ukraine in European countries. Organizing festivals, exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural events can attract a wider audience.
  3. Creating educational programs and scholarships for students and researchers from Ukraine can help enhance education and research levels and ensure deeper engagement in European academic circles.
  4. It is crucial to provide Ukrainians abroad with access to legal assistance, especially regarding immigration, employment, and social security issues. Strengthening legal services for the diaspora will help them integrate better and protect their rights.
  5. Activating youth programs will help engage new generations of Ukrainians in the diaspora’s active life, supporting Ukraine and spreading information about it.

It is essential to intensify the conduct of joint events with Europeans, such as conferences, forums, and public initiatives, which can raise awareness about the situation in Ukraine and attract more allies. Also, initiate exchange programs, scholarships, and training that will foster the development of skills and knowledge necessary for effective lobbying and public activities,” says Alona Lebedieva.

According to her, information campaigns should be more systematic and targeted to reach a broader audience. Using social networks, media platforms, and collaboration with journalists will help spread information about Ukraine and its needs, attracting new supporters.