The volume of capital investments in Aurum Group’s chemical industry enterprises throughout 8 years amounted to about 30 million hryvnias

The war halted the launch of the renewed production

“Lizinvest” and “Resins of Ukraine”, the chemical enterprises of the multidisciplinary industrial and investment Aurum Group, which are located in Rubizhne, Luhansk region, were converted to work on European raw materials and were supposed to start operating in 2022, but the plans were hindered by the war:

Since 2014, we have invested about 30 million hryvnias in re-equipment of our chemical industry enterprises to enable them to work on raw materials from European manufacturers. Updated production at the enterprises “Lizinvest” and “Resins of Ukraine” was planned to be launched at the very beginning of 2022, but the war interfered with our plans,

said Vitaliy Lytvyn, the head of the chemical industry sector.

According to Vitaliy Lytvyn, the enterprises “Lizinvest” and “Smoly Ukrainy” are currently under occupation.

The main consumers of products of Aurum Group chemical enterprises are cable, rubber engineering, paint and other industries.

As it was previously reported, the Aurum Group wagon repair depot, which was also located in Rubizhne, is being relocated to Western Ukraine. Investments in the region will amount to about 40 million hryvnias.