Aurum Group will start producing for Ukrainian railway the goods that used to be produced in the russian federation

Mass production of spare parts and components is planned for 2023

Aurum Group, the Ukrainian multidisciplinary industrial and investment group, which exports products to Eastern Europe and the Middle East, has developed the project and in 2023 plans to mass produce products for the railway industry, which were previously produced only in russia:

Currently, the Group’s enterprises are focused on implementing the production of spare parts and components, which were previously supplied to Ukraine exclusively by the producers of the aggressor country,

said CEO of Aurum Group Andrii Zharii,

Today, thanks to our professional team, we have an opportunity to continue supporting the economy of the country and the families of our employees “.

As it was mentioned earlier, according to the results of work in the war year of 2022, the Ukrainian multidisciplinary industrial and investment group Aurum paid taxes in the amount of about 90 million hryvnias and provided jobs for 925 employees.

Aurum Group’s main areas encompass wagon building, rolling stock repair, railway freight transportation, industrial pump construction, chemical industry, real estate and agriculture.