Aurum Group Pumping Plant is paying all taxes, and salaries to its employees – despite the war

According to the results of work in 2022, the plant paid UAH 8 million in taxes – says business owner Alona Lebedieva.

According to the company, the “Svesky Pump Plant” (Sumy region), situated close to the border, which is part of the multidisciplinary industrial and investment group Aurum, ended the year with losses of UAH 6,5 million. Despite this, the plant has paid all taxes and continues to pay salaries to its workers in full:

Under the conditions of war, business must display its strong side, and despite the fact that the production volumes currently do not cover costs, the plant is paying all taxes – this figure in 2022 amounted to more than UAH 8 million, because we understand the importance of filling budgets now”, 

commented the owner of the business, Alona Lebedieva,

We came to the end of the year with a loss of about UAH 6,5 million, but we continue to pay the salaries to the plant staff in full.

“Svesky Pump Plant” is a city-forming enterprise that manufactures and sells more than 200 types of pumping equipment. In 2019, the foundry production of the plant underwent technical modernization – European equipment was installed, which allowed the plant to use the method of automatic forming line of cold-hardening mixtures.

As it was previously reported, Aurum Group companies paid about UAH 90 million in taxes in 2022.