Declaring the property of MEPs at the end of their term of office will contribute to the return of Europeans’ trust in the government

Amendments by the Parliament regarding the declaration of MEPs’ wealth at the beginning and end of their mandate to help restore the confidence of Europeans in the government – Alona Lebedieva.

Adoption by MEPs of amendments to the Parliament’s internal rules based on the 14-point presidential reform plan regarding “accusations of corruption” is a significant step in countering demoralization and strengthening democracy in Europe, and the experience of implementing certain amendments should be adopted by Ukraine, confident the owner of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary Industrial and Investment group of companies Alona Lebedieva: “Despite the serious damage done to European institutions of power by allegations of corruption, transparency and honesty prevail in the end. In my opinion, the adoption by the deputies of the European Parliament of amendments to the internal rules based on the presidential reform plan is a sure step that restores the trust of citizens in the work of the European Parliaments, – noted Alona Lebedieva, – The amendments, which oblige the members of the European Parliament to declare their status at the beginning and end of the term, appear to be quite effective from the resolution and at the same time an interesting experience for Ukraine. I think that such transparency strengthens democracy in Europe, and can also become a significant introduction for the transformation and purification of political circles in Ukraine. However, corruption in Ukraine is not just recognized as the norm – it is the core of the system, and it is quite difficult to break this vicious circle. Such anti-corruption documents are blocked at the highest level, and today, in the conditions of war, this can only cause negative indignation and criticism among the population and business community of the country. A powerful public demand for real actions in the fight against corruption has formed in Ukraine. After all, we all want a different future for our children, so we call everywhere to implement the European anti-corruption experience in our country as well.”

Alona Lebedieva, the owner of the Aurum Group, also added: “I believe in the European future of Ukraine and in the fact that after a certain amount of time we can work together in the same legislative and ethical field. And that is why such fundamental values of European society as respect for human dignity and truth, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law, as we move towards membership in the European Union, flow more and more into the reality of Ukrainian society.

The day before, Alona Lebedieva reacted to the European Commission’s decision to extend the term of temporary protection for Ukrainians in the EU until 2025. She noted that this decision is also proof of Ukraine’s future in the European Union and “causes deep gratitude in millions of Ukrainian families and strengthens faith in Victory.”

As it was mentioned before, Aurum Group pays a lot of attention not only to the current aid to the front, but also to the post-war reconstruction of the country and the search for technological solutions for demining and restoring agricultural lands. That is why the company is investigating the possibility of its own production of anti-mine trawls.

As it knowen, five industrial enterprises in Luhansk region, and two enterprises of the agricultural sector in Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv regions (also in total – 12 thousand hectares of land) were significantly damaged during hostilities and are still under occupation.