The further position of “neutrality” regarding the war in Ukraine does not add to the attractiveness of China’s economy – Alona Lebedieva

Alona Lebedieva, the owner of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary Industrial and Investment group of companies Aurum Group and the founder of the Charitable Fund, commented on the results achieved during the official visit of the Vice President of the European Commission to China, noting that the dialogue had a significant impact not only on the further development of EU-China economic relations, but and in the matter of peace in Ukraine and stability in the world.

The resumption of the dialogue between the European Union and Cathay, which took place as part of the official visit of the Executive Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis to Beijing, should be congratulated, said Alona Lebedieva, In particular, progress in relations in solving some issues of market access and exchange of information on export control can significantly affect the reduction of the trade deficit. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the political plane of this visit. After all, global political issues are inextricably linked with economic processes. Therefore, the restoration of the macroeconomic dialogue is extremely important in the issue of achieving peace in Ukraine“.

Alona Lebedieva noted: “China is a country that plays an important role in building global peace and stability. I am sure that Ukraine greatly appreciates the EU’s actions to encourage China to join global efforts to force Russia to end the war. After all, you can do more only by uniting. In addition, in my opinion, the further position of “neutrality” that China currently adheres to does not add to the attractiveness of the Chinese economy, and may harm its investment projects and economic development in the near future.

The day before, Alona Lebedieva reacted to the European Commission’s decision to extend the term of temporary protection for Ukrainians in the EU until 2025. She noted that this decision also testifies to Ukraine’s future in the European Union and “causes deep gratitude in millions of Ukrainian families and strengthens faith in Victory.