Despite the results of the parliamentary elections in Slovakia, Ukraine hopes for a balanced coalition in the government

The results of the parliamentary elections that took place in Slovakia the other day may have serious negative consequences for EU countries and further military support for Ukraine, if the coalition in the new government is not formed in a balanced way. This opinion was expressed by Alona Lebedieva, the owner of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary Industrial and Investment group of companies Aurum Group.

“The government of Slovakia supported us from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia. Ukrainians are very grateful for active help with weapons and military equipment. It is worth noting that Slovakia is also an important logistics corridor for the supply of Western aid in general, – said the owner of Aurum Group Alona Lebedieva, – Therefore, the victory in the elections of the party of former Prime Minister Robert Fizo, who promises to end military aid to Ukraine and is may opposed to European institutions, is a serious concern in Ukrainian society. However, the further course of events and Slovakia’s external vector will all depend on how the coalition will be formed“.

I think it’s too early to talk about anything literally. After all, several scenarios are possible. On the one hand, if in the end Fico’s pre-election promises start to come true, the EU and Ukraine will really feel the unpleasant consequences of the development of events. But for now, despite the results of the elections in Slovakia, we have hope that the coalition in the government will still be balanced. And this is a completely different course of events for both Ukraine and the countries of the European Union“, noted Alona Lebedieva.

The owner of Aurum Group also added: “Right now, the focus should not be on Smer-SD or its competitor and supporter of military aid to Ukraine, Progressive Slovakia, but on Fico’s former colleague and leader of the Social Democratic bloc, Peter Pellegrini, whose “Voice” could play a key role in the race, as the party won 15% of the vote and came in third. In my opinion, Pellegrini’s policy does not have a pro-Russian vector, and he fully sympathizes with Ukraine, and, as is known, he has left open his own options regarding future coalitions.”

Ukrainian multidisciplinary Industrial and Investment group of companies Aurum Group operates in the market of railcar construction, rolling stock repair, freight rail transportation, industrial pump construction, chemical industry, real estate and agriculture. Exports products to Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The Group’s enterprises are located in the Dnipro, Kropyvnytskyi, Sumy, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Ivano-Frankivsk regions and in Kyiv.

The turnover of the companies in 2021 amounted to 50 million US dollars. The profit was 4 million US dollars, and the number of employees was more than 1.5 thousand.