Alona Lebedieva: The full inclusion of women in the peacekeeping process is of utmost importance for building a post-conflict world

While peace-building efforts focus on uniting men, it is when women get full access to political, social and cultural resources that societies will become more resilient. This is the idea Alona Lebedieva, the founder of the Charitable Fund and the owner of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary industrial and investment group of companies Aurum Group, expressed at the 5th panel of the 11th World Forum for Democracy that is taking place at the Council of Europe today, November 7.

Women all over the world are paying too high a price for building peace, democracy and stability in the world. However, we continue to live in a patriarchal world in which women remain excluded from global political, social and cultural resources. And as a result, we often see the introduction of a culture of violence rather than a culture of peace. However, it is women who can play a key role in the prevention and settlement of military conflicts, in building peace, – Alona Lebedieva noted, – It is a woman’s expertise, whose nature is inherently non-aggressive and intuitive, that can help eliminate the root causes of conflicts.

The full inclusion of women in the peacekeeping process is of utmost importance in building a post-conflict world. On the example of Ukrainian women, I can say that we are very strong, we are overcoming the difficulties caused by the full-scale war and help others to cope too. I think that the inclusion of women in the post-war reconstruction of the country will contribute to rapid economic recovery and reduction of the poverty level.

Alona Lebedieva also drew attention to the issue of returning home thousands of Ukrainian children who were deported to russia: “After a busy first day in Strasbourg, I can conclude that the enemy’s narratives about Europe’s fatigue with Ukraine are not true! We are one! They hear us! And actively support! I was persuaded during my conversations with European high-ranking officials, and we are grateful for your support, – noted Alona Lebedieva, – There is no doubt that the leaders of European states condemn the illegal transfer of children, but a mechanism must be found as soon as possible to guarantee their safe return home. russia and its leadership must bear full responsibility for waging an aggressive war against Ukraine and the crimes committed, including the crime of genocide against the Ukrainian nation under international law.

The World Forum for Democracy is taking place in Strasbourg from 6 to 8 November and is a unique platform for policy makers and activists enabling them to discuss solutions to the key challenges facing democracies around the world.