Alona Lebedieva: The active position of various layers of society will contribute to the support of “sustainable peace” and democracy

Engaging civil society at the local level can produce real results for building “sustainable peace” in the near future. For this, an environment must be created in which the principles of peace, dialogue and democracy are understood. This opinion was expressed during the first plenary meeting of the 11th World Forum for Democracy held in the Council of Europe, by economic expert and the owner of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary industrial and investment group of companies Aurum Group Alona Lebedieva.

I share the opinion that one of the major shortcomings of modern peacekeeping initiatives and concepts is the “top-down” approach. After all, the active involvement of various layers of society, activists, and local communities can yield more fruitful results already in the near future. The real interested parties are usually at the grassroots level and it is necessary to create the appropriate conditions and environment, – shared Alona Lebedieva, – The ability to self-organize is a key moment today. A clear example can be the unity that the Ukrainian people showed during the war. The way ordinary Ukrainians and volunteers selflessly help the military deserves special respect. Equipment is bought and repaired with the money of ordinary people, logistics and evacuation are handled by volunteers. The threat to the very existence of the state and the people united the efforts of Ukrainian society, which strives for justice, peace and protection of rights.

It is the active position of various layers of society that should contribute to the maintenance of “sustainable peace” and democracy, but all these are very global things that are based on understanding. In my opinion, the experience of the European Union is a good example of creating an environment in which dialogue and understanding of the principles of peace and democracy will be promoted. Such powerful institutions as the European Commission, the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights play a key role, because they are the guarantors of the creation of appropriate conditions in society and an example for imitation in many countries of the world. I think that if we combine the efforts and aspirations of Ukrainian society with European principles, we will become a good example for future generations to follow. It all starts with the desire to be a peacemaker in one’s environment“, shared Alona Lebedieva.