Elections Without Choice: Russia Continues on the Path of Decline

Vladimir putin won the presidential elections in Russia, managing to add another term to his presidency, but this was not the result of a democratic process, but rather a decision with falsified results. And this is another confirmation that the Russian Federation will continue on the course of decline,” says the owner of the Ukrainian diversified industrial and investment group of companies “Aurum Group” Alona Lebedieva.

A significant part of the Russian pseudo-elections was conducted with violations: from forced voting to ballot stuffing. The situation is particularly appalling in the occupied territories of Ukraine, where armed individuals ensured ‘order’ during the voting,” continues Lebedieva.

She also noted that the majority of world leaders did not recognize these elections as democratic. Obviously, Russia will continue to choose the path of aggression and violations of international law. There will also be consequences for Russia itself – strengthening of terror within the country, increasing repressions, and unjustified arrests will become a reality for many Russians.

Putin has already started threatening the world with a third world war, his threats pose a real danger to the international community. However, our response to this must be decisive, but also smart. We, together with our partners, must actively work on strengthening sanctions. This is the only way to deprive Russia of the ability to finance war and aggression. We need to show that the free countries of the world stand together against authoritarianism and human rights violations,” Alona Lebedieva is confident.

At the same time, she summarizes, parallel to international efforts, we must continue to develop our country from within. Business development, support for the rule of law, and attracting investors are the steps that will make us stronger against any external threats. At this time, internal efforts become key to strengthening our resilience and stability in the face of aggression from Russia.