Cynicism or artificiality of the Polish border blockade?

Polish farmers, who began blocking the border with Russia at the Grzechotki-Mamonowo checkpoint on March 20, have already lifted the blockade due to the approach of the Easter holidays. Although the day before, they were surprised by the amount of goods imported from Russia to the European Union, and promised to wait at least a month.

And this is happening at a time when borders with Ukraine are being blocked, with hundreds of trucks lined up on both sides, including those carrying military and humanitarian cargo, while trade between Europe and Russia continues unabated. After standing for a few days, the protesters are going on Easter holidays. This all seems very familiar to me,” says Alona Lebedieva, owner of the Ukrainian diversified industrial and investment group of companies “Aurum Group”.

She also believes that currently the Polish government and the EU leadership are trying to find a way out of the situation, partially satisfying the farmers’ demands. However, the protests continue, creating huge financial difficulties for Ukraine, which is holding back the Russian offensive with colossal costs.

Recent events, in particular the scattering of grain and the lifting of the blockade of the border with Russia, may indicate the direct or indirect involvement of the Kremlin in organizing and supporting these protests. This calls into question the stability and security of the entire region, if pro-Russian forces have such influence in Poland and the EU“, Lebedieva suggests.

She emphasizes that fairness in business must exist, but not at the expense of the lives of Ukrainians waiting for necessary equipment at the front, which is blocked at the border.

The determination and speed of decision-making by European leaders to resolve these issues are crucial for peace and stability in the region and for the continued ability of Ukrainians to resist the occupier.

Earlier, Polish agrarians held a strike, blocking roads. Protests took place in over five hundred locations across Poland. The main demands of the farmers are the Polish government’s abandonment of the European Green Deal and the blockade of agricultural products from Ukraine.