Empowering Women: Insights from the Women’s Forum 2024 in Barcelona

The vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, played host to the Women’s Forum 2024 on March 27-28, 2024, drawing together a diverse and influential gathering of presenters, attendees, and exhibitors from across the globe.

With a shared commitment to advancing women’s empowerment and gender equality, participants converged to engage in meaningful discussions, share knowledge, and foster valuable connections.

Under the overarching theme of “Breaking Barriers, Shaping the Future of Women,” the forum aimed to integrate voices from various sectors related to women’s issues, including renowned speakers, researchers, medical professionals, students, and stakeholders.

Organised by dedicated professionals committed to fostering gender equality, the event featured a dynamic agenda packed with keynote forums, speaker sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

On Day One, attendees were treated to thought-provoking presentations covering a wide range of topics, from the effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on mental health to exploring executive functioning deficits in ADHD and ASD.

Esteemed speakers from around the globe shared their expertise and insights, offering valuable perspectives on issues such as sustainability outcomes in the financial sector and interprofessional interventions for treatment-resistant depression.

Engaging discussions on topics like healing women’s broken relationship with power and nurturing mental strength in women underscored the importance of addressing multifaceted challenges faced by women in various aspects of life.

Day Two continued the momentum with keynote forums exploring neural circuit formation, religion, emotion, and self-empowerment, alongside panel discussions on inner strength, inclusive leadership, and decision-making.

The conference culminated with a virtual session on Day Three, featuring keynote forums on topics ranging from brain health to breaking stereotypes in business, alongside poster presentations showcasing innovative research initiatives aimed at enhancing mental health and well-being.

Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis: Advocating for the Return of Abducted Ukrainian Children

Amidst the insightful discussions and presentations, Alona Lebedieva, a Ukrainian national, delivered a compelling speech that shed light on a dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in her homeland.

Lebedieva highlighted the disturbing trend of Ukrainian children being abducted and illegally transferred to Russia, where they are subjected to forced adoption and “re-education” programs.

Recalling the United Nations Millennium Declaration of 2000, Lebedieva lamented the violation of principles of human dignity, justice, and equality, particularly for vulnerable children affected by conflict.

She underscored the devastating consequences of the armed intervention in Ukraine by the Russian Federation, resulting in a decade-long war and the forced displacement of millions.

Despite international outcry and legal action, including allegations of child deportation by Russian forces and an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Children’s Ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova, the crisis persists.

Efforts by the Ukrainian government and non-governmental organisations to address the crisis are hindered by the scale and complexity of the problem.

In response to the urgent need for action, Lebedieva’s speech served as a powerful call to unite the international community and Ukrainian organisations in the fight to bring every abducted child home.

It underscored the moral imperative of protecting children’s rights, preserving their cultural identity, and ensuring their safe return to their families.


The Women’s Forum 2024 in Barcelona provided a vital platform for advancing women’s rights and opportunities, fostering dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

As the world grapples with pressing issues, including humanitarian crises like the abduction of Ukrainian children, the forum highlighted the importance of collective action in shaping a more equitable and inclusive future.