Russian missiles don’t take breaks: The U.S. Congress is finally set to vote on aid for Ukraine

The daily missile attacks on Ukraine, in particular on its capital, energy and infrastructure facilities, once again prove that the Russian Federation does not intend to stop until the complete destruction of Ukraine and Ukrainians, believes the owner of the Ukrainian multi-disciplinary industrial and investment group of companies “Aurum Group” Alona Lebedieva. She argues that while the United States is in the midst of election campaigns and preparations for Easter, every day that Western aid is delayed is costing lives and contributing to the destruction of cities.

Americans undoubtedly helped us endure the toughest times and continue to support us today. However, the blocked aid bill in Congress poses serious risks to Ukraine’s ability to defend itself on the battlefield and fend off attacks in the sky,” Alona Lebedieva argues.

However, she notes that if you look at aid and the American economy, it doesn’t look so impressive. Economists estimate that the US aid to Ukraine is only 0.3% of its GDP.

We are not asking for help, as enemy propagandists are trying to present to us. We are demanding what was guaranteed to us at the highest level, when the Ukrainian state voluntarily gave up nuclear weapons, cruise missiles and strategic bombers. The political struggle in the US and the delay in making a decision on aid to Ukraine can tarnish the reputation of the United States as a guarantor of security and a reliable partner,” says Lebedieva.

Alona Lebedieva draws attention to the fact that the head of the committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress emphasized that Speaker Johnson understands the issue of national security and knows how important this bill is. Therefore, there is hope that the Congress will vote for aid to Ukraine in the near future.
It will be recalled that President Joe Biden recently signed a $1.2 trillion budget and called on Congress to pass a bipartisan bill on additional funding.