Europe is moving slowly but steadily towards the confiscation of Russian assets – Alona Lebedieva

A delegation from the National Assembly of France visited Ukraine to discuss the situation in the country and explore ways to strengthen support. During the meeting, the increase in assistance to Ukraine from France, the restoration of defense cooperation, the need to enhance air defense to protect the population, and the confiscation of Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine were discussed. Following decisive statements by the President of France, there is hope that these issues will be resolved promptly.

French National Assembly Deputy Benjamin Adad reminded of President Emmanuel Macron’s message, in which he addressed Putin regarding the lack of intention to set any limits or “red lines” for himself. “It is rather about us delineating such lines for him”, he said then.

The money, or rather its confiscation from the Putin regime and its oligarchs close to him, causes serious concern for them. Representatives of countries that support Russia, such as China, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia, have already begun discussing this issue in private conversations. They urge the European Union to abandon the idea of confiscating Russian assets“, says Alona Lebedieva, the owner of the Ukrainian diversified industrial and investment group of companies “Aurum Group”.

At the same time, according to her, at the summit of EU leaders, the importance of the earliest possible introduction of a legal mechanism for the transfer to Ukraine of the profits received from the frozen assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation was officially announced. noted At the same time, there are discussions about the complete confiscation of frozen Russian assets in favor of Ukraine through the use of countermeasures by the states where these assets are located against the aggressor country of the Russian Federation.

Importantly, it recently became known that the US Congress is preparing a bipartisan bill that will allow the confiscation of 5-8 billion dollars of Russian sovereign assets under US jurisdiction and transfer them to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine. In this situation, it is very important to take the first step, and others will follow“, Lebedieva is convinced.

So today we clearly see that the world is slowly but surely moving towards the process of confiscating Russian assets. Frozen assets of the aggressor country will become an extremely significant support for Ukraine’s defense capabilities and the reconstruction of its destroyed infrastructure. At the same time, Russia will receive another signal from the civilized world: as long as it does not stop aggression and occupation, Europe and the world together with Ukraine will resist it on all fronts. So the Russian government still has time to stop the war and not lose everything.