Election Year: From the USA to Europe. What to Expect?

In 2024, presidential elections will take place in many countries around the world, as well as elections to local and legislative bodies of power. An estimated 4 billion people are expected to participate. Among the countries where they will occur are India, the United States of America, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Mexico. Leaders will also be elected in several European countries, including the United Kingdom, Austria, Moldova, and Georgia, while citizens of European Union countries will vote for members of the European Parliament.

The world is waiting for global changes, especially Ukraine, because support from the USA and Europe is critically important for us. Taking into account the recent statements of Donald Trump and some European politicians, it becomes clear that 2024 will be an extremely turbulent year,” says Alona Lebedieva, owner of the Ukrainian diversified industrial and investment group of companies “Aurum Group”.

She notes that a “authoritarian” alliance is strengthening worldwide, providing each other with practical support and becoming increasingly close. This includes Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. At the same time, pro-putin allies are gaining ground in Europe; for instance, the Speaker of the Slovak Parliament, Peter Pellegrini, an associate of anti-Ukrainian Prime Minister Robert Fico, won the presidential election in Slovakia. Thus, the number of EU member countries with pro-Russian governments is increasing.

The increase of pro-Russian influence in European Union countries may weaken the unity and pro-Western values of the European Union. This could affect security and stability in the region, and most importantly, support for Ukraine in its struggle against aggression,” assures Lebedieva.

However, President of the European Commission and lead candidate from the center-right European People’s Party for the European Parliament elections, Ursula von der Leyen, promised to counter ultra-right “friends of Putin.” She stated that “friends of Putin here in Europe” are trying to “rewrite our history and steal our future through populists or demagogues,” which cannot be allowed. For this purpose, the European Commission has already approached major online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok to assist with digital security in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

The victory of certain forces, candidates, and parties will undeniably determine the future life on the planet. As the challenges Ukraine and the world face today are unprecedented, and contemporary humanity lacks experience in overcoming them. It will be crucial for political leaders to adapt to changes, unite, and collectively resist authoritarian empires that bring chaos and destruction,” concludes Alona Lebedieva.