Alona Lebedieva: The world is uniting to bring back Ukrainian children abducted by Russia

All G7 countries have joined the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children abducted by Russia. Japan joined just a few days ago. And now the coalition is a powerful bloc of 36 countries.

Good unites! The Ukrainian authorities, partners, international and Ukrainian public organizations continue to fight for every child whom Russia seeks to deprive of its national identity, freedom and homeland. Today, every civilized country in the world knows that, in addition to the aggressive war in Ukraine, Russia abducts minors, depriving their families, a future and a dignified life,” says Alona Lebedieva, founder of the Aurum Charity Fund and the European non-profit organization “Aurum Charity Foundation”.

At the same time, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Michael O’Flaherty, during his visit to Ukraine, also emphasized the special attention to the situation of the rights of Ukrainian children, including those taken to Russia and Belarus and those residing in temporarily occupied territories by Russia.

Meanwhile, the Russian propaganda machine does not stop. Maria Lvova-Belova, the so-called commissioner for children’s rights of the aggressor country, trying to justify herself, said that Ukraine and Russia agreed on the exchange of children. However, Ukraine refutes her words. There were indeed negotiations, and they concerned the return of the children, but there were no direct contacts with the Russian delegation,” Lebedieva clarifies.

Therefore, in addition to the fight for every child, we must also counter the powerful deceitful information campaign of Russia, which distorts information and professionally manipulates the consciousness of people around the world, she concluded.

It is worth noting that according to information from the Ukrainian state platform Children of War, as of the end of April, at least 19,546 children have been deported or forcibly displaced by the aggressor country, Russia.